TikTok Suspending this people’s account?

Chinese Video Sharing app Tiktok has taken India by storm.

Tiktok has 1.5 Billion downloads worldwide. India itself constitute 467 million download.

Average time people use in Tiktok is 52 min, which is higher then many big apps like snapchat.

Due to huge number of audience some people are useing it for spreading provocative videos originating from Pakistan and middle east

False information and influencing people against the safety measure of Covid 19

Provocative and misinformation clips are circulated over social plateform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter.

Tiktok is being used as a platform to spread misinformation

The report, which was submitted to India Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, claims to have analysed more than 30,000 videos in the last five days. Most of the videos have been made with professional video editing softwares and the accounts, which originally uploaded them, are being deleted after circulating the clips to other social media apps, the report further added

Tiktok has decided to suspend those account which are spreading misinformation about Covid19

We have been monitoring and systematically removing all content from our platform, including video, audio, and image that transgresses government advisories, as well as our own Community Guidelines. We are suspending or banning accounts, and, where necessary, are reporting the accounts to relevant legal authorities to ensure public safety,” a TikTok spokesperson told PTI.

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