North Korea’s Kim Jong Un may be in “Grave Danger”. Know why?

The United State is seeking details about Kim Jong Un health after receiving information about the health condition of North Korea leader was in critical condition after undergoing cardiovascular surgery last week, US official said.

The Daily NK, a Seoul based website that gathers information from the informants in that isolated nation, reported that Kim underwent a cardiovascular surgical procedure and was now mostly recovered.

The health of North Korea leader is one of the state’s most closely guarded secrets, typically only known by a handful of people in the inner circle of leadership. It is impossible to immediately verify the report of The Daily NK

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Kim Jong had been unprecedented of his absence from April 15 celebration for his grandfather AND STATE FOUNDER Kim II Sung birthday.

CNN reports that US official told CNN that the concern about Kim Jong Un health are credible but severity is hard to assess

Still, the situation remains murky as gathering intelligence out of North Korea is notoriously difficult- one of most challenging target for US intelligence.

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