Nagaland Government Reject NCPP Offer

Nagaland Government has rejected the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) To Pay Return Tickets For All Needy Workers And Migrant Labourers Wishing To Travel To Thier Homes Stating that Nagaland Government has taken the decision to bear the railway charges of the journey from the rest of the country and within the State. However Nagaland Chief Secretary in a letter dated May 9, 2020, address to the NPCC president, Shri K. Therie, has Extended its deepest appreciation for the support and cooperation of the NPCC.

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The NPCC has on May 5, 2020, written to the Nagaland Chief Secretary requesting tr CS to provide the list of all needy workers and Migrant Labourers currently in the state and Wishing to return home and the cost of rail tickets, NPCC has in the stated that in furtherance of the decision taken y the Congress party will take the responsibility for the payment of rail tickets for all needy workers and Migrant Labourers Wishing to travel to their homes

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