Lockdown 2.0

India is under complete Lockdown for last three weeks due to the global pandemic. Despite lockdown Covid 19 cases reached 10,000 mark, where death toll to 300+.

Looking at the scenario, PM Narendra Modi addressing the nation has announced the extended of lockdown till 3rd May.

PM Modi said that after 20th April certain relaxation can be given to those area where there is no hotspot

Lockdown 2.0 will come into force from 14th April to 3rd May


Authorities to intensify surveillance efforts from April 20, especially in the hotspots. An area is identified as coronavirus hotspot if there are six or more active cases reported from there.

Social distancing has paid off well in preventing the virus, while it may seem expensive to carry out, it is necessary to save the lives of Indians.

Labs have come up, beds have increased, and more than 600 hospitals are working for coronavirus treatment. These facilities are being added every day.

Next 3-4 weeks are critical in determining the impact of steps taken till now to curb the spread of the virus.

Without the lockdown India would have witnessed over 800,000 cases by April 15 at a 41% growth rate. Health Minister said

Arvind kejriwal tweets


It is very crucial time, we should follow Government guidelines and maintain social distancing.

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