Kanika Kapoor Speaks Up After Recovered From Covid 19

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor spoken for the first time after she got recovered from Covid 19. Till march end she was known as “Baby Doll” singer. She was test positive for Covid 19, She became the Talk of The Town for mere negligence and eventually, she was booked by Lucknow Police.

This incident resulted Kanika Kapoor to be the most Search Celebrity During Lockdown.

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Kanika Kapoor is now staying in Locknow. Spending quality times with her parents.

In her statement she says: “Every person I came in contact with be it UK, Mumbai or Locknow has shown no symptoms of Covid 19. In fact all of those were tested negative.

Revealing her travel history, she adds, “I travelled from UK to Mumbai on March 10 and was duly screened at the international airport. I travelled to Lucknow the following day on March 11 to see my family. There was no screening set up for domestic flights. On March 14 and 15 I attended a friend’s lunch and dinner. There was no party hosted by me and I was in absolute normal health. I had symptoms on March 17 and 18 so I requested to be tested.”

Kanika further adds that she has been at home for 21 days now and also thanked doctors and medical staff for “taking care of her during a very emotionally testing time.”

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Stay Home Stay Safe 🙏🏼

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